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Dear Mothers - Do You Know What Your Teen Daughter Needs?

Dear mothers,

Before you get defensive or even aggressive towards me, because you think I'm judging you, let me tell you something. I'm a teen girl, and I only want to help, as sometimes you don't handle situations well which involve your daughters. So before you think that I'm calling you a bad mother, reevaluate what you're actually mad about, then tell me. Your opinion matters, I'm just stating the basics.
So, teen girls, a pretty rough topic, we're the worst kinds of people, ranging from quiet nerds to raging alcoholics and party people. It's hard to pinpoint what each girl needs, but what I can tell you is what they really need at home and what kind of support they want from you.

Let's start off by clarifying something. Most of you act like you don't want us to grow up. And that is seriously degrading, because you still treat us like little children. Which brings us to the first point.
We're still little, precious babies for you No, your…
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Do You Have Overreaction Problems? Here's How To Overcome Them

Many women struggle with keeping their reactions realistic when it comes to their partner's actions. Most men would say that this is the most annoying part of dating their significant other, the fact that they blow everything out of proportion and overreact to everything.

Although, it's not just women who do this, we have to admit, we're the majority. There's nothing wrong with it, we're emotional people, but if we want to keep a healthy relationship going then, then we need to address this problem and try to make ourselves better. Because let's be honest, it's childish.

If you don't know if this is what you're struggling with, then let me give you an example.
Your partner says something, maybe the statement they made was rude or their tone of voice was off. It makes you explode. Maybe you had a crappy day, maybe there was nothing wrong before this, but for some reason you feel as if this was over the line. You don't listen, you don't accep…

You Need To Have A Relationship Diary! (But Why?)

A diary is a way to log your life. What you do, what you think or what you plan on doing. Basically anything that's connected to you.

A lot of people write diaries as a form of coping with life, to pass time or to log their activities. But it's always done individually. We see diary writing as a great way to help ourselves, so, why don't we do the same, but with out significant other?

Studies have shown that writing a diary can increase performance when it comes to your life goals, which is insanely helpful, especially when they would be very hard to achieve. So, why not try to use it in a relationship?

What should you write in your couple's diary?

Anything and everything you did that dayThings you appreciated about your partnerThings that made you unhappyThings that annoyed youPlans you made

For the sake of this post, we did this for a week, so I could share the results with you. So, what did we learn?

Spending time together
By writing an entry every single day, we spen…

The Top Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and some people have a hard time choosing a nice way to celebrate it. The ideas below were put together according to how I see this day. To celebrate every kind of love, not just the one in romantic relationships.
Going to a restaurant It's the old fashioned way, but still a nice thing. It allows you to talk and bond with each other. Or if that doesn't seem to be working, then you can start trying other food. (Or even challenge each other to try new meals.)
Going to the gym I, myself, love working out. So do most people, just not at a high intensity. It gives you a dopamine burst, causing you to be happier. Not to mention: exercise makes you healthier, so this shouldn't be an activity only on this special day.
Painting together Everyone has an artistic side. Well... Even if not, then it can still be fun to smear a canvas with bright colors, still making memories as you're spending time together.
Making up a new recipe This on…

How To Deal With An Unreasonable Mother

You thought this blog was only about romantic relationships? Well, it would be, but since I'm a teen, no way. Also, this post is applicable to fathers as well, but in my case it's a mother, so yeah.
There's one thing in common in all people. We all have a mother. And as parents, they tend to be very biased and unreasonable. Not all the time, but it happens every now and then. You can't just let go of these situations, as it's unavoidable.

Story time: Okay, you all knew this was coming, I live alone with my mom as a 17 year old, what could go wrong?! The answer is: everything. But for the sake of this post, I'll tell you the example that is still ongoing.
On Thursday my mother told me to stay at home and Friday so I can study and clean. Which I did immediately after coming back. So I asked if I could go over to my boyfriend's house to sleep over. (That's what I do every Friday, mind you, this was not a special occasion.) To which she exploded, because a…

How To Represent Your First Year Together

Some couples like to show off how long they've been together. Rightfully so, as most of us are very proud to be with our partner and would like the whole wide world to know that. So I have the best idea, if you want all your friends to get jealous of your cute relationship.

Beware though, it needs a lot of patience!

The idea is simple: show the time that has passed in your pictures. The easiest way to do it is to take the same picture in the same place, but in different seasons or different parts of the day.
But of course, that's not all that exciting, so instead, you can take these pictures on holidays, wearing matching outfits which are relevant to the event. Or you can go all out and take a photo every single day for an entire year and make it into a short animation by moving a little bit every day.

You get the idea, now all you need to do is make up your own way to do it and start photographing!

So, what do you think? Will you use this later on? Tell me in the comments or…

Why Neglecting Your Man Is Hurting You

Ah, yes. The silent treatment, we're all too familiar with it, whether we gave or received it. It's a form of punishment, but one that won't achieve much. Let's talk about why it's bad for your relationship.

First of all, it's based on not communicating, which is already an awful start, because we know that talking about problems is the key to solving them. Not saying anything at all... Well, it makes it hard for two people to come to an agreement. It makes the argument longer than it already should be and both halves will end up feeling worse and worse by each second that passes.

And the worst? If you haven't been on the receiving end of this, you don't know how bad it feels. You can't imagine the actual panic that sets in, but let me try to paint the picture in your head: Your partner refuses to talk to you, even after you've apologized a thousand times. You desperately try to make them say something, even if it's just one word. It makes …

Why Is Valentines Day So Important?

My opinion changes as often as I become single or get into a relationship. I'm sure I don't need to say why. But one thing always stays the same: Why is it obligatory for couples to love each other even more on this day? For some weird reason, this phenomena is completely normal in today's society, even if the certain pair are in the middle of a huge argument.
As soon at the 14th of February hits, suddenly there are no more problems, no more hate, everybody loves each other and chocolate rains down on every happy couple. But it ends like the magic on Cinderella, at midnight, when the date changes to the 15th or February everything goes back to normal. The fights continue and the happiness wears off.

But I still believe that Valentine's Day has to exist, just not the way it does currently. It should be about love, not the fake feelings we post on social media and the random gifts we take pictures of to show off to friends. It shouldn't be about singles feeling down…

The Top 4 Luxurious Valentine's Day Gifts

Yes, by luxurious I mean expensive and shiny. It's not something we'd buy without a reason, mostly because they are quite costly. But every once in a while, we deserve this kind of luxury.
So here's a quick message to the men reading this: this list might not fit your wallet, in which case you're still welcome to read through and choose something that you think your spouse would like and bookmark it.
1. Tiffany Co - Diamond Heart Necklace
I'm going to be honest, this is my favorite one. For a reason. Not only does it look gorgeous, it's made out of 18K gold, which is quite impressive, I'd say. It makes an amazing accessory to any event and the choice of your makeup will barely matter, as anything is a great choice next to it. Personally, I find it a bit pricey, but it really does seem to be worth it, truly an exceptional necklace.
2. Chimento - Diamond Eternity White Gold Ring I haven't seen anything this beautiful in a good while. It's an amazing ch…

The Top 3 Reasons Your Obsession With Alphas Must Stop

Quick caution: this article is about guys who are under 30 (or are barely above it, you'll know the difference).
Ah, yes. The alpha male. Full of testosterone and charm. The person we imagine when someone says "dream guy" is close to an alpha male, this is a ripped bad-boy who is a bit dangerous, but not really. Who's dominant, but not too dominant for our likes. Who is ambitious but doesn't focus on their career. And of course, great in bed, gets all the ladies, but is still loyal.
Sorry to shatter the dreams, but unfortunately this doesn't exist. And even if it does, the chances of meeting this dream guy is not very realistic, instead, we get the alpha.

This phrase remained because of only one thing: it shows dominance. In today's society, this is basically everything. It determines your confidence, dating successes, maybe even your salary. But what an alpha male really offers is not even half as good as real dominance.

Let's start with the basics.