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If You Recently Started Dating Then These Quick Tips Are Essential For Your Future Success

Everyone has to start somewhere, and the same goes for dating.

Nobody is born with all the knowledge on how a relationship works, which is why we need to learn before we can succeed at keeping a partner we're happy with.
So, here's what a newbie should know about dating.

First of all, let's define what the dating phase is about.
It's core purpose is getting to know one another with the intention of staying together long-term. It's about learning how the other person works and how they can fit into your life. Which is why a lot of people lie when they first begin dating. Because they think they're not good enough.
One thing to keep in mind: if you're not looking for a one night stand, short term partner or an FWB, then you absolutely cannot lie during the dating phase. You shouldn't in other cases either, but this will screw you over big time if you're planning on staying with someone.
You might think you're not good enough. Not pretty, thin, fun…
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The Top 5 Things That Say: Time To Break Up

For some people, it's easy to decide when it's time to break up... But for the rest of us...

Well, here's the quick guide if you don't know how to handle the end of the relationship. Because these aren't "just problems that can be easily solved". These are the dealbreakers.

1. You feel stuck
We all know that a partner should encourage growth in us. Mental, physical or even spiritual if that's your thing. It's why we look for a life-long companion, so we have someone to help us become better.

Once this element is gone... There's not much you can do.

2. You think of dating other people (seriously)

We all have an occasional thought about a random stranger passing by, or even someone closer to us. Although it doesn't matter who the subject is, it's never serious. We quickly forget about it and go on about our day.

But there are times when we become focused on one person. We daydream, we can't get them out of our heads. Suddenly everythin…

Have You Had An "I Could Not Be Happier" Moment? - It Reveals Everything You Want From A Relationship

The simplest way to find out your true intentions when starting a relationship is looking at the things that happened when you were happy.
Yeah, I know, when I tried figuring these kinds of things first I was confused too and when this came to mind I was just like... Duh?

This is usually the most common reason for people in their thirties to get into a relationship and quite honestly, the most logical. The ones who want a stable and reliable partner are also the ones who view family as a core part of a person's life, require a good amount of attention and are very likely caring. (Pro tip: they are the most ideal people to marry if you plan on having kids.)
How you know this is what you want:
You put stability first (in every aspect) and are not afraid to express that. You plan on getting into a long-term relationship each time you go on a date (you don't expect to, you just like to know how a partner would work out in a few years.)

The moment:
Your partner says that they …

Get Yourself A Gamer Partner!

Are you kinda jealous?
Have you had enough of the usual dating phase?
Are you into more nerdy people?
Then hear me out, because you may have the perfect guy/girl waiting for you just around the corner.

We generally think of gamers as overweight anti-socials, when in reality, that stereotype is rarely ever true. The acne ridden, sweaty face you have in mind is more likely to be a justice warrior's that's currently white knighting on Twitter. (Ooops, might've been too specific.)
The thing is: if we meet someone and this is one of the first traits we learn about them, then it usually becomes a deal breaker. But why is that?
Mainly because of the stereotype.
"He must be lazy." "She is probably sitting in front of the computer all day." "They don't have a life."
I've heard all of these sentences as soon as someone mentioned that they like video games. An they're such BS. So let's address all these concerns.
Laziness and incapability Gamin…

Blood Is Thicker Than Water - Is It True Though?

You guys... I'm done. I really am. But before I go on a small rant let me tell you about the true nature of this saying.

Originally it went like this: The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.
Sounds weird like this, doesn't it? But yes, it doesn't raise the concept of a family on a pedestal, instead talks about the importance of bonds formed in battle. Today we use it fairly often and it's getting on my nerves. Want to know why?
Because parents use this as a way to justify bullying and abuse in the family.
He's only play fighting, a few bruises won't be the end of the world.
She doesn't seriously think you're a moron, just because she calls you by this name every time she talks to you.
Do you not understand jokes? We didn't mean it, even though we've said X a thousand times.
I'm so fed up with people letting their children hurt each other physically/mentally, just because they are young. And because they think it doesn…

How To Flirt Right With Your Long Term Partner

If you feel distant from your partner and less intimate, then it's likely because you don't spice things up (not just in the bedroom, generally). The best and easiest way to solve this is by using the good old method of flirting.

Be honest, when did you last try flirting with your partner?

Well, I have no clue what your answer was, but I'm going to guess that it was a long time ago. Or you weren't thinking about actual flirting. 'Cause let's be honest, chilling together or going out on a date doesn't necessarily include actual flirting.

First of all, understand that it's one of the core elements in a relationship. It's required to keep the love going, have intimacy and it's also really great way of having fun when everything else fails. And yes, you could do all of that in a different way, but why would you?

The thing is: it's the most effective way to heal a worn out relationship. Your partner will feel appreciated again, they will be more …

Teaching Your Child Respect - How To Raise A Good Human Being

One of the most difficult problems in parenting is teaching a child how and why they should respect others. It's crucial, as this is becoming a major inconvenience in schools, where children don't recognize the authoritarian figure.
So, how should you teach your child about respect?

First of all, what do you consider respectful behavior? It can be anything from everyday politeness to unconventional courtesy. But in general, it includes: Letting others speak without interrupting themPaying attentionGreeting them firstFollowing orders without whiningJust generally being polite
Of course, respect isn't all black and white, sometimes you need to tune it down or up, which you need to explain. Because of this, there are several things they need to take into consideration. The main ones: age, gender, authority.

You should already know how this works, but just in case, proper etiquette dictates that:
The younger ones respect the elders.
Those of a lower status respect the people a…

Surviving Long Distance Relationships - 3 Apps You Absolutely Need For It

Enduring the distance between you and your partner can be an excruciating experience, so I brought you a couple of apps that might rescue you from some awful aspects of it.

With Between you can have a private chatroom, expressive stickers and photo albums. And all of it is going to be saved, so you don't need to worry about getting a new phone and losing all of your memorable moments and conversations. But, most importantly, you can set events (for an anniversary, birthday, whatever) and the app will remind you when you tell it to. And the best part? You can create an event just for one of you, thus telling your partner when you're not available.


When the usual "3, 2, 1, GO!" method fails, Gaze will come to rescue you. If you want to watch a movie with your loved one then all you need to do is share a link with them and you will be able to watch whatever you want.
This is an excellent idea if you two can't find games to play or don't have any topi…

How To Stop Your Child From Interrupting A Conversation - A Quick Method

The main reason children can be considered annoying is the way they express themselves: obnoxiously.
Kids don't yet understand that sometimes they are not the priority, especially if they are interrupting a conversation which is more important than the random things they have to say. Because let's admit, kids usually don't tell us things that can't be missed. But the thing is, they do have to say it and we have to give them time to talk.
But what if we're already doing something and can't deal with it right now?

This problem occurs more often than it should, as there's a quick and easy way to fix it,

You might have already heard about a small success story where a mother taught her son to hold her wrist if he has something to say and shouldn't interrupt. In this case, the mother put her hand on her child's, thus acknowledging their desire to express themselves. Once the activity that's more important is over, the mother can turn her full attent…

Developing Healthy Habits With Your Partner - A Quick Guide

One of the main goals of a relationship should be growing. Whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually, your partner needs to encourage your growth and vice versa. Why else would you have someone else constantly around you?

Most people forget this aspect in a relationship and this is why long lasting bonds aren't as healthy nowadays. So, if you don't want this to happen to you too, then consider following these pieces of advice.

First of all, you need to set a realistic goal you want to reach together. Now, this might not be the same for the two of you, but it should be on the same topic (eating, exercising or learning). This should be achievable within the first two weeks of your journey and in an ideal situation you should be constantly motivated by your progress.
In this phase you won't need to rely on your partner as much as in the third week, as that will be the hardest. You will want to give up and without enough discipline you will slowly let go of your goal.…