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Dear Mothers - Do You Know What Your Teen Daughter Needs?

Dear mothers,

Before you get defensive or even aggressive towards me, because you think I'm judging you, let me tell you something. I'm a teen girl, and I only want to help, as sometimes you don't handle situations well which involve your daughters. So before you think that I'm calling you a bad mother, reevaluate what you're actually mad about, then tell me. Your opinion matters, I'm just stating the basics.
So, teen girls, a pretty rough topic, we're the worst kinds of people, ranging from quiet nerds to raging alcoholics and party people. It's hard to pinpoint what each girl needs, but what I can tell you is what they really need at home and what kind of support they want from you.

Let's start off by clarifying something. Most of you act like you don't want us to grow up. And that is seriously degrading, because you still treat us like little children. Which brings us to the first point.
We're still little, precious babies for you No, your…

How To Appear More Attractive

We know, looks aren't everything. But what you need to admit is that they are the first thing that anyone else sees and that it gives the first impression. Which is why you need some trips and tricks to appear more attractive than you actually might be, to seduce everyone coming your way. Or just your sweetheart, that's even better.

The thing is: none of these will ever work if you don't rock it. So if you go out there, be as confident as you can be. It will be one of your best qualities, as it already gives a really good first impression of you.

Now let's head on to those tips.

Look healthy
There's no need to be a size zero. You don't need abs either. What matters most is how healthy you look. The human brain is wired to find mates who are healthier more attractive, as they are able to produce better offspring.
But what does healthy look like? There isn't a definitive way for it, but my main advice for it is to be proportionate. This includes having a smaller belly than chest, wider hips than thighs and relatively small shoulders.

Maintain a good hygiene
Quite obvious, but most women don't realize the importance of it. Use deodorant, brush your teeth properly and actually wash yourself while showering. For some reason I've heard about a ton of people who forget the latter. There's nothing wrong with it from time to time, but don't use the shower just for relaxation.

Flaunt yo' self
Everyone likes a woman who knows she has it. This is something similar to being confident, but not quite. For this you need to know your good qualities and how to show them off. And really show them off.
If you have wide hips and a small waist then hell yes, wear that crop top. All day every day. Big chest size? Don't be ashamed of that shirt that shows too much cleavage. Round butt? Girl, buy yourself some nice tight yoga pants because the world needs to see what your momma gave you.

Groom yourself
Honestly, what's the first thing you see on another person? Eyes, then hair (I mean, if you're looking at their head). Flowing and shiny hair is one of the most attractive things on a woman. There's a reason why writers love to write things like: "He ran his fingers through her beautiful, brunette locks". It's romantic, it's cute and you will look fine as hell.

Makeup is an option
There are times when you need it and there's no need to feel bad about it. We, women, tend to be very self conscious about our looks and we can compensate by covering our flaws or highlighting our good qualities. It can be a bit of a lie when you're still in the dating phase, but it's alright. It'll help your partner focus on your appearance and later when you spend more time together you can reveal it, and there will be less consequences as they will already know you beyond the surface.

Being unreachable
Yes we've talked about it before, here and here. But YES, it's a good tactic, just don't over-do it. It shows that they're not too important and that you have other activities and ambitions. The main objective with this is to show that you're independent and don't need no man to complete you.

Work out if you can
Squats. Girls, let's be honest, guys don't mind if you have a nice physique. It's not necessary, but it doesn't take much time and it will surely make your man happy. If you need motivation to work out then visit pinterest or search for motivational quotes. They will help, trust me.

You have no idea how much I've heard this. As corny as it sounds, your eyes are the most noticeable. Highlight them as much as you can. Find out your color tone and from the shades that fit you most. It will make your eyes really pop.